Monday, October 02, 2006

Clipped and Tethered

Hello Blog,

I've missed you.

Since last I blogged, I finished the second segment of my wretched course and have yet to find out how well or poorly I did.

Since last I blogged, I've discovered the deliciously thirst-quenching non-dietey-diet taste of Diet Pepsi Jazz (which is strawberries-and-cream flavoured cola) (quiet you Coke-loving non-believers, thou knowest not what thou art missing... even if it does have the most unfortunate name in Cola History).

Since I last blogged Porthos has had yet another infection (this time of the urinary tract variety) which left us ready to pull out our hair and give him up for adoption (no, not really, but we were at our wit's end) because out of the blue he started peeing everywhere in the apartment and if you know me or Ted for that matter and our standard of cleanliness - that simply would never do. But seeing as how we had made so much progress in house-training we immediately figured something was wrong, so Ted went to the vet for one of those sterile containers, got a urine sample and finally (today) we found out he wasn't well. Which was a relief, as strange as that might sound. But needless to say; this puppy is costing us a fortune.

Since I last blogged my dear friend Tammy has been for a visit, found an apartment in High Park and flown back to Edmonton to prepare for both the move and the drive across country with her Kitty. (3 days of driving would assuredly increase the velocity of my insanity - I know it's coming, but to speed up the process just seems a waste.)

Hopefully I'll be able to blog a little more frequently this week, but it's not looking that way right now. But, I'm alive and well if-not documenting it.

Song of the day is by Jane Child, "You, Bluebird" from the album "Surge".

Over my shoulder,
no wonder to clutch
I only crave what I have not tasted,
I cast off all I can touch
But you make the darkness all rosy and bright
How I long to break through this window
and follow you into flight

Let me fly away with you bluebird
Lift my heart to heaven's high
Leave the clouds behind with you bluebird
Fly away and say goodbye

So farewell to madness,
I've dreamed of this day
Pull me tenderly from the ruins
and let it all fall away

Cause where we're going,
it is overflowing
And we'll kiss the morning,
sweetly dawning
Taste the sunshine in the rain
I've been clipped and tethered,
can you help me bluebird?
Take me to the summer,
break the slumber
Raise me to a happy day,
there are only inches in our way


Jerome said...

Yay. You're back.

Not that I'm keeping up these days, of course...

Keltie said...

Wow. Three days of driving with her kitty? I wish Tammy luck. Having just done a four-hour drive with our cats I'm all burned-out on cat transportation. I hope that her cat is a good traveler.

I also hope that Porthos feels better fast, poor guy. I'm sending him tummy rubs for when he's in less pain.