Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Sun Still Shines

Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something's been "up" with me for a while now.

And rather than my former approach of full-disclosure, I'm just going to assure everyone that I'm ok. Ted's ok. And the babies are ok.

Ted and I have been going through some struggles and changes and sometimes that kind of heavy stuff doesn't come easy. But luckily "love" does. I don't know what the future holds, but for now, we're workin' on it. Big changes are in store for my dear sweet man, and I'll hold-off talking about it until everything's in the clear and everybody's got a little perspective.

Other than that... wow... I checked-out for a month, and it's not like that month was spent doing nothing. As mentioned, we had family staying with us. We've been up to French River (close to Sudbury) to a friend's cottage for a weekend, and just this weekend we finally saw the latest Harry Potter movie (in IMAX and 3D no less) (2 thumbs up from me) and took another one of those infamous day-trips to the US just for Olive Garden, with a stop in London for some Marble Slab Ice Cream. So all is not gloom and uncertainty in my life; rest-assured.

Hopefully I can blog a little more faithfully now that our busiest season is behind us at work as well. And it has been a very busy summer. Phew! Wow... can it really be September 4th today??? Happy Birthday's must be wished to my wonderful friends Jerome and Keltie. (Bo you just left and I miss you.) I hope the both of you take your lumps with grace and enjoy that dizzy-headedness-feeling that comes along with them the whole year through! ;)

On a parting note for today, I just want to say I'm grateful. My life is full of love, and hope and I'm dedicated to holding on to all of it, until my hands can nolonger grasp anything and my heart nolonger beats. Dramatic, but no-less true.

I'm laying it all out on the table,
I'm tellin' you again what I've already told you before
My love is not a soon forgotten fable;
My heart is not a box with a lock in a five and dime store.

So there's no need to question me and my feelings.
Oh, wondering if I am sure.
Ask me again, and I'll tell you the same,
Over and over.

Sure enough to never want to be without you,
Sure enough, to stay for good,
Sure enough in every little thing about you,
Sure enough.

Developing the art of collaboration,
It's dinner and a movie and a baby or two.
Now we are in the midst of a revelation, mm-hmm,
We're doing what a modern world said we could not do.

And even when our love is mellow and aging,
Oh, even when were old and wise,
And we know then what we dont know now,
Well, I know I'll still be

Sure enough to never want to be without you,
Sure enough, to stay for good,
Sure enough in every little thing about you,
Sure enough.


Misster Kitty said...

Welcome back to blogland.... We missed you. (and by WE I mean ME! heh) Hope all is well... cyber hugs are a comin'

Anonymous said...

No, I think by "WE" he means HE and ME.

(It's me, but I'm still too lazy to log in.)

Misster Kitty said...

Yea, that's what I meant...

Misster Kitty said...


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