Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Project Idea

Before I forget ...More for my own sake than anyone else, I want to document here that I had a pretty decent idea for a project. Though I haven't begun yet.

I want to reopen my Facebook account, dismantle it gradually and blog about it. I don't know how interesting that sounds to outside parties, but for my own sake (as I said) I'd like to take all the personal things I contributed to Facebook over the 3 or 4 years I was addicted to it, and assemble them in this forum/medium with context and sentimental value and insight. I wrote many personal things in my "notes" section, and collected wonderful quotes and reviewed books I'd read, and movies I'd seen. I was a pretty serious Facebooker. But... what good is all of that stuff when you can't search it or even access your earliest contributions?? Have you ever tried to scroll back as far as you could? It takes forever.

At any rate. All entries on that front will be tagged under the label: "Dismantling Facebook". I hope to make it commemorative, if-not exactly riveting.

And now.... bed.

What Seems Like a Dizzying Cluster-Fuck

Sometimes way too much happens at once to blog about. I seem to be in the midst of one such period.

Hopefully I'll have the time to detail things soon, but in a nutshell... the vacation was a little bit terrible, but not without redeeming qualities. Weather was gorgeous. Temperature was perfect. Both beach and ocean were sublime. Resort was "meh". Wedding was really, really simple and beautiful. Family was misbehaved and typical. Picked-up a parasite and suffered a week of diarrhea. Returned home to discover the aforementioned uncle had died. (no, I'm not making that up.) Returned to work, to complete upheaval and the most traumatic day of my professional career. Reported to a new office and new job to discover a renewed excitement I haven't felt in probably over a decade... possibly ever. Took a letter that I've been crafting for weeks (physically) to Scooters place, placed it in his mail-box, walked to subway, rode 2 stops, turned-around, rode back and walked to Scooter's place again and took said letter out of his mail box, then proceeded home. (I'm ridiculous.)

This weekend I'm headed to Kingston for a funeral that now isn't happening until Tuesday. I'm coming back to Toronto on Sunday and will not be able to attend the funeral because I don't want to be "that guy" starting his new job, fresh-off a vacation and then taking time off for dubious-sounding family deaths that (to me) would sound an awful lot like "dog ate my homework" stories kids tell their teachers. (again, I say I'm ridiculous.)

I'm tired folks. Dead fucking tired. Not enough sleep. No sex (since October). No pot on the god-forsaken vacation. Stress, stress and more stress. Not enough exercise. Diarrhea from hell. Mass-firings of co-workers I've known and worked with for years. Dead uncle. A dodged-bullet in will executor duties. Now, a useless trip I can't cancel, to visit family I've already spent too much time with all-too-recently.

Blah! Too much activity doesn't even make for entertaining blogging.

I got a lot of sun, and watched a lot of movies during my vacation though: "The Illusionist", "Unstoppable", "Breakfast With Scott", "Megamind", and "Red"... all, very entertaining.

No song or lyrics today, merely because I just want to go to bed.

I'll try to write again soon.