Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bombs Away

It would seem as of late, I'm all about imposing deadlines on myself, so for anyone wondering what my progress is on the "Necessities for January" front, a letter has been written, rewritten and then edited one more time. If I can bring myself to unclench my fingers long enough to let it fall in the mail box, the deed will be done tonight. The self-imposed deadline comes in the form of documenting that I'm going to do it, therefore compelling me to make good on my written intention. Or at least that's the plan. Blah.

I'd like to post the letter in my blog, but somehow it's just wrong to leave something quite so ...raw... to me, dangling on the internet. Especially since someone might stumble upon it if they were to Google "mom", "Old Navy" and "Christmas" per say. meh... it could happen. At any rate I've made no forward motion on the other front, being the career-enriching, pursue-something-I'd-actually-enjoy front. But life-altering goal at a time I suppose.

Speaking of life-alteration... I highly recommend that you buy, borrow, rent or steal the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". Yes, it's a documentary but it's perhaps the most poignant movie we as a human race actually need to spread the word about. I thought that I was an environmentally aware/conscious person, but this movie is beyond just an "eye-opener". Our existence as a species depends upon embracing the ideals of environmentalism. It's heart-wrenching to see and hear what we've done and continue to do to our world. Devastatingly so. That being said; it's important to watch this movie in it's entirety to be able to walk away with a sense of optimism and hope. I've derived a lot of hope from watching this movie and I think it's more important than ever to be aware of our place and our role in the lifetime we're given. Each of us can make a difference with an individual contribution to the greater cause. I truly believe that. ...But before I wax too philosophical, I'll just leave it at that. And please note: I was kidding about stealing the movie, although I do think it's important enough for everyone to see almost to the point of theft. I'll let you steal my copy - how 'bout that?

No lyrics today. A song and a video instead. "I Need to Wake Up" Melissa Etheridge.

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Keltie said...

Letters are hard. Email, snail mail, whatever. First getting it out on paper, then making yourself hit send or drop it in a mailbox. Good for you for getting the writing part done! And good luck on the sending.