Thursday, June 21, 2007

"MY" Puss... Not "YO" Puss! Silly JoMo!

And here it is... as promised... I looked, and I found.

Just as a prelude, I have to say it was much funnier "live" at the True Colors Tour, because Ms Cho had the opportunity to lead into the song with a background character bit. It which she and her "girlfriend" Angela, talked about how they'd been together for 11 years and lived in San Francisco. Margaret plays "Maureen"... a lesbian with a very affected Asian accent, and Angela is a butch dyke from NY or NJ. They shared the secret to perfect cunnilingus... which had a hysterical lead-up to the reveal that it's "spelling the alphabet with your tongue". WHO KNEW peeps?? God knows I'll never try it, but hey... "Go to Town on yo' girl". "Maureen" claimed it helped her learn English. hee hee

Anyhow... back to the video... the introduction to it (at the concert) was that Maureen and Angela have a conservative next door neighbour, who's an old lady who hates homosexuals. And one morning after just having waved hello to the girls she went inside and called to have Angela and Maureen's RV towed because it was partially parked on her property. She didn't ask them to move it... she just had it towed. So to channel their angry feelings... they wrote a rap about this lady, as opposed to resorting to violence. hee hee

So without anymore gum-flappin' from me... "My Puss", by Maureen and Angela.

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Misster Kitty said...

Just tell me... how fabulous is the Cho? She's Fanfuckingtastic!

That was so good I watched it twice.

It's a shame youse guys are in TO, if you were in Mtl I'd be having you over for a Cho-fest. I gots all 4 of her DVDs... And they need regular viewing!