Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Life in Bullets: the Half-Assed Update

- the trip to Montreal was awesome. Only got a little bit lost. Wedding was beautiful. I'm in love with Montreal, but too fat to live there. It's full of beautiful, beautiful men.

- Ted's sister Crissy and the whole fam-damily are staying with us this week. Our apartment just seems to feel smaller and smaller with each passing day. (Not that I don't love seeing them.)

- Went to see The Simpsons Movie last night. Very funny stuff. Top of their game. That being said, I don't think I'd watch it again anytime soon. Which means Ted (who couldn't come with us) will have to find a date to see it.

- My neck is smurfed. And by smurfed I mean fucked. I can barely move my head. Not looking good for the trip to Canada's Wonderland tomorrow. (taking the day off too. :( )

That's all for now folks. I realize this is "riveting" stuff, but it may have been a tad more interesting had I the time to elaborate, which I don't because of work and just stuff.

If you're reading this, I hope you're happy and well, and that summer isn't passing you by nearly as fast as it seems to be whipping past me. Hmmmm... maybe that's why my neck is smurfed: Whiplash???

"Steve McQueen" by Sheryl Crow (This is a hot summer tune. Love it.)

Well I went to bed in Memphis
And I woke up in Hollywood
I got a quarter
in my pocket
And I'd call you if I could
But I don't know why
I gotta fly
I wanna rock and roll this party
I still wanna have some fun
I wanna leave you feeling breathless
Show you how the west was won
But I gotta fly
I gotta fly

Like Steve McQueen
All I need's a fast machine
I'm gonna make it all right
Like Steve McQueen
Underneath your radar screen
You'll never catch me tonight

I ain't takin' shit off no one
Baby that was yesterday
I'm an all American rebel
Making my big getaway
Yeah you know it's time
I gotta fly


We got rockstars in the Whitehouse
All our pop stars look like porn
All my heroes hit the highway
They don't hang out here no more

Oh you can call me on my cell phone
You can page me all night long
But you won't catch this freebird
I'll already be long gone
Like Steve McQueen
All we need's a fast machine
And we're gonna make it all right


Misster Kitty said...

Sorry to hear 'bout the neck.. that sucks .

As for mtl and beautiful men, I'll say, "why hush you! You're embarassing me!" heh ... But our paths did not cross... Did you make it to anything 'Divers/Cité'?

And as for visitors staying with ya, you SOOOOOOO have my sympathies... We've had anywhere from 2-3 guests here for the past two weeks and another week at least to go... I find copious amounts of booze help...

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a comment, but I wanted to assure you that I'm still reading! And I have a cricky neck, too. Oh, I guess I did have a comment, it just wasn't interesting or witty. We can't all be Misster Kitty, you know.

Keltie said...

If we could all be Misster Kitty we'd be lucky! I just finished reading his blog and I officially wish I was a contented gay man in Montreal. Hmph.

John said...

Shawn, unfortunately no. We didn't manage to get in on anything "organized" per say. I think we've pretty-much decided we're going to go back next year specifically for the festivities, and not as a poorly planned supplement to a wedding. I have 2 more days of "guestitude". The apartment is about the size of a thimble now. *sigh* But I see the top of the hill from here. Wait... why is there a vacuum and a mop at the top of a h... ...oh crap! *frowns*

Jerome, I hope your neck feels better, faster than mine. I'm still a little bit stiff. ...And I enjoy hearing from you just as much as Mister Kitty.

Keltie, I knew there was a yearning in you to be a contented gay man, living in Montreal. How fond are you of Gloria Gaynor? hmmmm? tee hee

Misster Kitty said...

Keltie... just so you know... we DO offer lessons, but um, need a penis... we are an accepting group, but well, there are minimum requirements! ;-)

John... I am assuming you're now guest free, in which case... you're my hero! We've still got two... the Spaniard leaves tonight... and the Frenchman leaves on Wed., and then we are free.... until Saturday when me man's Sister, Brother-in-law and Nephew return from (I swear I'm not making this up...) The International Francophone Scrabble Championships in Québec City. They stay until the following Wed. And then... and then... it's sweet sweet SWEET, no-more-company-bliss... Until then, if anyone knows where I can find a spare liver... I fear mine will soon reject me.

Next year we'll make sure you come to Montréal and do it right.

Jerome... Well, I got nothing really. heh.

Nah, that's not true, I do.... 'Jerome' was my favourite character on the 'Friendly Giant', as well, 'Jerome' was one of my nicknames back in high school ( again, I swear, I'm not making this up) and indeed, like John I hope your neck is much less cricky.

iandouglas736 said...

Best part of the movie ever:

SpiderPig, SpiderPig,
Does whatever a SpiderPig does.
Can he swing ... from a web?
No he can't, 'cause he's a pig.
Look out ... he's a SpiderPig...

That, and their trip to Alaska which was almost a glamorous as my own recent cruise.

Elizabeth and I saw the Simpson's movie on a Saturday and liked it well enough to go with friends the next day after lunch. Good clean fun. ;o)

Misster Kitty said...

Ps. if Ted still hasn't seen the Simpson's Movie, tell him I'll go see it with him!

Keltie said...

Misster Kitty, it might blow your mind to know that Jerome is named for not one, but TWO giraffes! His parents must have had a thing.

And as for being a gay man; I know it's not to be. I tried, though! That's my only explanation for having dated all those closeted gay men.

Anonymous said...

What's with everyone having so many houseguests? Am I the ONLY one who has mastered the art of alienating loved ones just enough to keep from being inundated?

Why in the world would you be nicknamed "Jerome", Misster Kitty? I can't even figure out why my parents subjected me to the name.

Misster Kitty said...

Houseguests... Well sometimes you just gotta suck it up, (along with about three 40's of gin and two of vodka)... on the flip side, next summer me and my man will be the imposing houseguests... We'll be going all around France... Paris, Nantes, Rennes, Toulouse, Amien, Aix-en-Provence and Grenoble. Two weeks of clogging other peoples coffee machines, leaving wet towels on sofas and drinking all their booze. I cannot wait!

Jerome... well the high school I went to was about 50% white, and 50% black... 'Jerome' became my 'black name' It was pronounced more like "jrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ommmm"

John said...

Ian, my favourite line from the Simpson's movie was courtesy of Ralph Wiggum, declaring "I like boys now" after seeing Bart streak by naked on his skate board. Ha ha.

We will DEFINITELY see you next year in Montreal Shawn. We're not guest-free yet. The bulk of guests leave today, and the youngest neice leaves tomorrow night. Let the cleaning begin. Ted is a little sore with me for saying I wouldn't see the movie again, so I might end up going. I did tell him I would.

Interestingly enough, I've known 3 Jerome's in my life and 2 were black. Which 2 Jerome's are giraffes? The friendly giant Jerome, and ...Toys R Us? *scratches head* I've always liked the name Jerome, based solely upon knowing/loving the Jerome in our company right here.

Jerome, try as I might, I simply cannot alienate people enough to keep them away from Ted. It's all his fault. I'd be a happy hermit were it not for him and his damnable "hospitalitious" ways. I just made that up: "hospitality-us" : the act of charming and accommodating house guests so as to have them return.

No wet towels on the couch or alcohol consumed. But enough broken glass to warrant a shopping trip for replacements. *sigh*

Misster Kitty said...

HA! I brought out all my best plastic glasses for company. :-) Tacky I know, but well... Glass and god-forbid-crystal and a 30 step stair case to the roof top deck do not make happy partners..

Only the champagne gets Crystal while the guests were here.

Looking forward to Next Pride... Is the Toys-r-Us Giraffe really called Jerome?

Anonymous said...

Nope. It's Geoffrey. Can you guess my middle name?

Misster Kitty said...


John said...

Irony.... the most comments you've ever had on one entry, come at a time when you've hit a lull in your blogging. I think I might just stop blogging altogether if it keeps such a fun conversation alive.

I don't think I know your middle name Jerome. Keltie, do you know?

Rumplestiltskin made me giggle.

Anonymous said...

No, John, YOU make me giggle.

Keltie said...

Of course I know it! And whoever doesn't know it hasn't been paying attention in this conversation AT ALL.

And yes: Smugness becomes me.