Friday, April 20, 2012


Where have I been, huh?

Life didn't stop.  I just stopped writing about it. 

And if I'm honest, the greatest reason for me putting fingers to keyboard again is probably the fact that I finished a 365-day-sodoku-desk-calendar (for 2011) a week ago, and have very little to do at work some afternoons without it.  Not so noble huh?  'Bet it makes you want to check back every day to see if I've written more.

The inner yearning to write is still there.  I don't know what stops me.  If you've been rooting for me to get my shit together and start living, you might find that I've done little to qualify.  But hey!  I have a new therapist and I'm seeing him twice a week in an attempt to find out what keeps me from living like a seemingly normal person.  I've been seeing him since November actually, so he's new in my documentation, but not the actual "Johnosphere".  I stopped going to see Dr.Truth shortly before one of my last posts here (though I can't say any factors are bound together with significance) and never went back.  The new therapist was actually Poppycock's therapist, until recently when PC and Meaty moved to Kingston.  (incidentally, weird that one of my best friends would end-up living in my home town).  I'll call the new therapist "Sir K".

Bah... interrupted... I'll have to finish this later.

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Levi said...

Glad you to hear that you're still out there :) I hope all is well.