Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Actually Wish It Would Snow

I shouldn't be writing in my blog right now, because I'm drowning in Boxing Day sales and all the hellishness that comes every radio copywriters way once December rears its ugly head. But... here I am blogging anyhow. Mainly because I simply cannot wait any longer to document that my wretched course is over, and for posterity's sake (my own anyhow) this is the recap of my marks:

Module 1: 84 %
Module 2: 88 %
Module 3: 93 %
Module 4: 92 %
Module 5: 92 %
Module 6: 77 %
Module 7: 88 %
Course Average: 93 % (88 % + 5% bonus marks)
Final Exam: 83 %
Total Course Mark: 88 %

Pretty damned spiffy for something I initially would have rather skipped in favour of having flaming bamboo chutes soaked in vinegar, wedged under my toe-nails. Yeah, so it still means nothing other than having the letters "CRC" after my title. I'm just relieved to have it over-and-done-with.

In other (far more) exciting news: We're going to see "Wicked" tonight! eeeee... I think I just peed a little. (No, not really, but that's how excited I am.) This of course means we'll be watching the penultimate episode of Survivor tomorrow night with Rogers on Demand, so nobody tell me who goes home tonight!! Truly that's the hardest part about missing your favourite reality show isn't it?

This weekend we're also making an impromptu visit to Kingston (Sunday day trip only) so I can hand-deliver presents I haven't bought yet and furthermore have no actual money with which to purchase. Bury me with my credit cards folks. (Incidentally, the tickets for Wicked were free, just in case that brought about any curiousity.)

Anyhoo... in the spirit of the season... one of my favourite Christmas songs. (I know, I know, more Amy Grant. I'll try to abstain from listing any Amy songs for a good long while in the new year. ) "Christmas Can't Be Very Far Away".

Little bits of heaven
Floating gently by the window
Soon this dirty city will be
Covered with a new snow
Let's put on our winter boots
Go outside and play
Christmas can't be very far away

Weather girl says bundle up
It's gonna be a cold one
I'll put on my woolly hat
You'll wear your dad's old Stetson
Pretty lights are everywhere
Shining night and day
Christmas can't be very far away

Let's take a walk downtown
Go dream shopping in the mall
The kids can do the Santa thing
Photographs and all
We'll get the biggest tree this year
And trim it to the top
And spend a whole lot more than what we've got
But so what

Come next spring I know we will be
Ready for the sunshine
Right now throwin' snowballs
At each other's such a fun time
Kids will think we're crazy
For a while and that's okay
Christmas can't be very far away
Christmas can't be very far away

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Jerome said...

I was listening to that CD today. (I'm rather impressed that she managed to put out not one but three Christmas CDs.)

I'm sure you'll enjoy Wicked. I'm off to see it on Boxing Day. I saw it last year when it came through.