Saturday, December 30, 2006

Video Game Nerdiness

Tonight I blog because Ted and Tammy are engaged in a rousing game of "Crash Twinsanity" a PS2 game (sequel to Crash Bandicoot, parts 1 through 6 (or 7) by now). I'm not one who gets into the action-adventure games we have. That's more Ted's arena, whereas I'm more of a driver, shooter, blow-em-up kind of gamer. Ted plays all these elaborate games that take so much concentration, focus and skill, I feel like I'm in Grade 3 just watching him work his genius and his patience in his favour. He'd laugh at me saying that. hee But honestly I suck at anything too-too complicated. I like Grand Theft Auto, and Twisted Metal, and Destroy All Humans and Burnout 3/Revenge. Violent stuff no doubt, but I find it therapeutic at times to drive around blowing things up in a video game after getting stuck in traffic. Admittedly, I haven't been stuck in traffic in awhile. So I don't know what my excuse is for liking the brainless violence games. Hmmmph. Anyhow, the point I'm getting at is that I'm glad he's got a friend who likes playing the games he enjoys. (Many of our friends don't play video games of any kind.)

Anyhoo, after splaying my nerdiness onto the internet (hee) I'll quickly close (because we're going to watch a movie this evening.) I hope to write again tomorrow, but if not: Happy New Year!

"New Year's Day" by Carolyn Arends

I buy a lot of diaries
Fill them full of good intentions
Each and every New Year's Eve
I make myself a list
All the things I'm gonna change
Until January 2nd
So this time I'm making one promise

This will be my resolution
Every day is New Year's Day
This will be my resolution
Every day is New Year's Day

I believe it's possible
I believe in new beginnings
'Cause I believe in Christmas Day
And Easter morning too
And I'm convinced it's doable
'Cause I believe in second chances
Just the way that I believe in you

This will be my resolution
Every day is New Year's Day
This could start a revolution
Every day is...
One more chance to start all over
One more chance to change and grow
One more chance to grab a hold of grace
And never let it go
Repeat chorus

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