Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Of Hockey, Wrapping Paper and Piggery

Hidilly Ho Neighbours,

I'm back at frickin' work already. Such is the life of a radio slob unless of course the slob works for a really big radio station that closes down between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Anyhow, here I sit and I'd just about rather be anywhere. Namely at home in bed, recovering from a very busy weekend.

The plan was to have had time at some point over the weekend to sit down and write a nice, festive blog entry with all the holiday sentiment I could muster, but that obviously never happened like every other relaxing thing I wanted to do this weekend. No, no, I'm not bitter even though my words might suggest a tinge of disgruntled-ness. Santa was good to me and the whole nine yards. I just sometimes wish I could sit down with the tree lit and listen to some holiday music and just "be". Over the past 5-7 years Christmas has become such a circus that I find it just runs me down. And as a side-note, boy was I miffed to be running around on Christmas Eve (day) to look for wrapping paper that I asked Ted to pick up twice over the past week. Not even freaking Wal-Mart had wrapping paper!! We tried, Wal-Mart, 2 Zellers, Canadian Tire, The Bay, Costco, 2 Dominions, Hallmark, a (nondescript) dollar store, PharmaPlus and 2 Shoppers Drugmart's before finding any wrapping paper. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't wrapping paper one of those wonderful boxing day sale items you're supposed to be able to stock up on for next year's Christmas fiasco? I know I've picked some up post-Christmas before. Needless to say, a good portion of Ted's family almost had their gifts wrapped in tin foil and toilet paper, because of this unannounced paper embargo.

Additionally, of all places nobody would expect to find me on a Saturday night, would be the Air Canada Centre, watching a Leafs game, but there I was, and I had a great time too. Not that that could turn me into a bonafide hockey fan. I spent a great deal of time bitching (jokingly) that the biggest of reasons why the "Leafs" suck is because their name is grammatically incorrect. Everyone knows it "should" be the Toronto Maple "Leaves", which is a total wussy name, but regardless - that is what it should be. Or perhaps the "Toronto Maple Mooses" if they'd like to switch to some equally ridiculously incorrect Canadiana. Meh, whatever huh? They lost. Boo hoo.
After the hockey game we came home and I decorated the tree finally (it's been up and lighted for weeks, just not decorated) while Ted and Tammy baked up a storm. A very festive evening overall. I'll remember it fondly forever. And the weekend as a whole was rife with festive piggery which I both relish and regret simultaneously. It's a bad scene for waistlines.

Now tonight we host dinner for Ted's dad and his wife before our lives can return to normal. Ted's sister, her two daughters and dog, left today after a 4-day visit. What am I looking forward to the most once the holidays are over???? Sex my friends. Sex, glorious sex. It is one thing that Santa cannot bring when your home is so blatantly over-populated with guests. At this point, even Santa would look good to me.

I will refrain from wishing everyone a Happy New Year just yet, for the added incentive to write more blog entries before 2006 comes to a close.

Song of the day... one of my favourites this year: "Like it or Not" by Madonna.

You can call me a sinner
You can call me a saint
Celebrate me for who I am
Dislike me for what I ain't
Put me up on a pedestal
Or drag me down in the dirt
Sticks and stones will break my bones
But your words will never hurt

I'll be the garden
You be the snake
All of my fruit is yours to take
Better the devil that you know
Your love for me will grow

This is who I am
You can
Like it or not
You can
Love me or leave me
Cus I'm never gonna stop
No no

Cleopatra had her way
Matahari too
Whether they were good or bad
Is strictly up to you
Life is a paradox
and it doesn't make much sense
Can't have the "femme" without the "fatale".
Please don't take offense

Don't let the fruit rot
under the vine
Fill up your cup
and let's drink the wine
Better the devil that you know
Your love for me will grow

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