Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Peanuts n' Carrots n' Concerts n' Stuff

I had no idea that salted peanuts tasted quite so good when eaten with raw baby carrots. Chalk that up to unlikely taste sensations. Very enjoyable. (Part of my lunch today)

O-tay folks... my voice session has been delayed due to the root of all evil: clients. But only for a few days while they agree upon the final draft of the script. Rest-assured that when this is all up n' running I will most assuredly post a link to the website on which my voice is featured. (even if it sucks, I promise.)

We tried and failed to go to the movies on Monday night, and I'm beginning to think that Ted and I subconsciously block our own efforts to get to the theatre. The last movie we saw, was The Hitcher. Which was one of those hilarious horror movies that isn't intentionally funny. That being said, we've failed to see a movie of any calibre of quality in a VERY long time. Unfortunate stuff. But the movie we were supposed to see on Monday was "I Think I Love My Wife" starring Chris Rock. My station had the premiere so it was free. But being a dolt, I didn't think to exchange the voucher for actual tickets in advance, so by the time Ted got downtown the feature was sold-out. D'oh! Can't even get my shit together enough for a free movie.

Ah well.

I made a mental note to start documenting concerts I've seen (there have been quite a few) because of the dialogue that arose from my talking about the Scissor Sisters (at length) last week. I love talking about music, so please, by all means: leave comments about the concerts that you've seen if the spirit so moves you. It's fun to know what music people are into, no matter what the genre.

In no particular order whatsoever... I have seen... U2, Garbage, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Usher, Mariah Carey, Our Lady Peace, The Tea Party, Jill Scott (twice), Erykah Badu (terrible live), Queen Latifah, Faith Evans, Whitney Houston, Prince (twice), Amy Grant, Imogen Heap, Jann Arden (twice), Harry Connick Jr, Lucy Pearl, Melissa Etheridge, Sarah McLachlan, Nelly Furtado, Michael Buble, Bush, Scissor Sisters (of course) and that's all I can think of for now, but I think there's more. If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be Prince. There's nothing quite like a stadium concert goin' all intimate and interactive, which is exactly what he managed to do both times I saw him. Additionally, Prince is perhaps one of the most underrated guitar players ever. The man is brilliant.

Anyhoo, listing off the concerts that I've seen isn't nearly as interesting as I thought it might be. hah Tell me who you've seen. Share!

Song of the day goes out to my mom, who's birthday was yesterday. (Still haven't spoken but I did send a package/card.) Happy Birthday Squirrelly Shirley. I love you in spite of our differences.

Razor's Edge - Gary Chapman

In this turbulence
That we're flying through,
I just can't fix my eyes on what I love in you.
Yet in the calm of the storm's eye,
I know that there are reasons
why we still must try.

Rummage through memories
piecing together
worn tattered fabrics
of love that remains.

When the voice of love has drowned,
still we'll hear our silent pledge.
Though we find no common ground,
we'll learn to love on a razor's edge.

And our hearts are moved
with the ebb and the flow,
As I try to drop my anchor in this truth we know.
For the depths of love
that I have for you
lie beneath the stormy surface
that we're learning to subdue.

Oh calm the waters,
quiet the tempest,
Bring forth an unfaltering peaceful resolve.

(repeat chorus)

Love seeks a passage
through open wounds,
speaking a language
that comforts and heals.

(repeat chorus)

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