Thursday, March 08, 2007

Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters Scissor Sisters

Say THAT 5 times fast. I know I can't. (a lisper's nightmare!!)

Things I learned about Scissor Sisters last night:

Front-man Jake Shears is WAY more hot in person than in any photo I've ever seen.

They ROCK live. OH... MY... GOD... BECKY! They ROCK live. I was half-expecting them to not be as good live as they are in the studio. Only because Jake sings falsetto A LOT, and sometimes people sing things in a lower key when it's live 'cause they can't hold the high notes the same. But that was not the case. It was amazing to hear him sing live.

Interesting/amusing stories.... Jake Shears lost his virginity in Toronto to a big, buff construction worker years ago. He said with a wily grin that if he was in the audience to meet him after the show. hah! ...their October concert was cancelled/rescheduled because their drummer threw his neck out and had a sac of spinal fluid formed on his neck that had to be surgically removed... one of their concerts in Australia, a mother who brought her kids to the concert, wrote them a nasty letter to complain that they swore too much (funny considering the sexually explicit nature of their lyrics to begin with - but that wasn't the issue she had with them.) and she left with her kids in tow. (this lead to a very funny tirade in which they pretty much recited every cuss word they knew to the Toronto crowd last night)... ...and on a cute note Ms Annamatronic (front-woman for the band) told us all about their trip to Japan, where she performed a DJ set and had a cute little Japanese girl come up to her at the DJ booth to get her autograph and request the song "Healthy / Gorgeous". Hee

Good times. Probably the best small venue concert I've ever seen. (Right up there with the now-defunct Lucy Pearl). It was sold-out and packed. (Which I wasn't expecting.) And the crowd was just about as wild and diverse as the Scissor Sisters themselves. Had to love Jake's blue suit and visor combo too, complete with Mickey Mouse print. The concert was only about an hour and 20 minutes long - which would probably be my only complaint. But that's alright, since it was a weeknight after-all, and I breathed in waay to many second-hand vapours from nasty poppers and such. Tammy and I also got stuck behind this incredibly stinky man on our way out - but we survived.

I WILL see this band live again someday. Mark my words. Campy, vampy, glamourous, glistening-sweaty, rockin', disco fun!


Some people say such awful things
I don't understand why they're so hateful
We don't need those diamond rings
Even though they look tasteful
Chichi parties
So important
Sink a fortune
High-class apartment
One or two ooh-oohs
Make you feel so good
It's not a threat to nobody
In fact the people should

Don't you give me them blues
I got magic in my dancing shoes
Let me hear you say ooooh

When you talk sweet things in my ear
I get so hot inside I'm burning my clothes
Measure distances with tears
The tracks'll run for miles when I feel those
Mixed emotions
In your heart
Guilty feelings
You fall apart
One or two ooooh's
Nothing left to lose
I'm not a threat to nobody
Don't try and give me them blues

Don't you give me them blues
I got magic in my dancing shoes
Let me hear you say ooooh

Say honey baby don't you know
Ain't got any money left to blow
Can't buy you no snow cone
Even when it's hot outside

Wanna make love show you what I can do
Pocket that rug and ride the groove
Just lemme go dance and give me no blues tonight

Don't you give me them blues
I got magic in my dancing shoes
Let me hear you say ooooh

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