Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dragonette and Gorilla Joel

So I finally watched last Thursday's episode of Survivor (Fans vs Favourites) last night. And I don't think I've ever been more satisfied by an ousting in my history of watching the show.

That testosterone-fueled man-ape Joel, didn't "see" it coming, but man did he "have it coming". I cannot stand "Alpha Dog" posturing, and eat-the-weak mentality from anyone but this guy was quite simply too much. I didn't like Joel from day 1, but that whole "obstacle course chase" competition made it perfectly clear that he didn't consider Chet a human being, much-less a team mate; dragging him along like a sack of meat with no consideration for his safety or injuries!

I'm sure his big gorilla frame helps him rescue many people as a firefighter, but he's not much of a human being in my eyes. Now that's not saying I'd defend Chet in his evident "uselessness", but whether or not he's a good competitor or a strong team mate, has no bearing on his status as a human being.

Thankfully it would seem that the cast of contestants this time around are a "no bullshit" bunch. Thus far I haven't shed a tear over the people sent-home. Although, I must admit I thought Mikey was extremely sexy and went before his time (at the hands of Joel the Gorilla), but he was a little weaselish in his assumption of power so early-on in the game.

Ah well. The best part about watching last weeks episode so late, is that there's a brand new one on tonight! *grin*

Oh... and I think I found the perfect pop album of 2007. I kid you not. And by a Canadian band no less. "Dragonette" is their name and their CD is called "Galore". I absolutely love every track. They're a little bit Scissor Sisters, a little bit Gwen Stefani, a little bit ABBA, and a little bit Eurythmics. Catchy tunes, saucy lyrics, and a cheeky variation of musical styles. I cannot recommend them enough. I hope they win the Juno they're nominated for, 'cause they're incredibly fantastic and sadly unknown. Clicky clicky to hear the song I'm posting lyrics to. Brilliant stuff, I swear. (it's not a real music video incidentally)

True Believer - Dragonette

I don't play well with the other kids
they know that I'm dangerous
it's evident I'm different
my punishment is imminent
they tell me that I'm no good
they say worse
I've got a curse
and I know that it's true

but you,
you make me better
you give me pleasure
it's just your effect on me ooooh
you make me sweeter
you give me fever
and I'm a believer

I've had such a wicked time,
kissed the boys and made them cry
laugh and while I wave good bye
they'd still like another try
Ordinary Dick and Tom
Matthew Mark Luke and John
if they knew who I've become
who I've become

the spell I'm under is you
you make me better
you give me pleasure
it's just your effect on me oooh
you taught me a lesson
now I'm behaving
must be what's best for me oooh
you make me sweeter
you give me fever
Now I'm a believer oooh

do u feel super
I'm the new girl curled round your finger *oh*
I've taken your potion *and now I'm*
senseless defenceless a fool
the spell I'm under is you

it's you what's come over me
you who has gotten into me
you who did this thing to me
I used to be so bad

but you,
you make me better
you give me pleasure
must be what's best for me ooooh
you make me sweeter
you give me fever oooh
I'm a believer
I'm a believer oooh
a true believer
I'm a believer oooh
a true believer


Jerome said...

Joel and Chet are such polar opposites and yet both irritating the crap out of me.

Don't you wish they'd put in a bunch of people who completely aren't what you expect for a change? Like a huge hulking tough guy who does flower arrangements or a tiny little waif of a girl who's an extreme sports athelete or a martial arts expert and kicks butt? Hahaha!

John said...

I totally agree on both counts. Joel and Chet must go. (I still haven't seen last night's episode 'cause Ted had to work.)

I'm all for unexpected twists in contestants, but as much as I'd like to see midgets, conjoined twins and lipstick lesbians compete, once they start doing that, the show will likely be in total decline. I'm still waiting for an all-male hottie season of Survivor. ;)

Misster Kitty said...


Me likey Dragonette!

I owe ya one for mentioning them!

Jerome said...

I'm not quite on board for the gimmicky contestant list you've given, but just fewer that fit some sort of exhausted stereotype.

John said...

I was only teasing about the conjoined twins. (how would you vote one of them off the island??) But who doesn't love lipstick lesbians and little people? ;)