Friday, March 14, 2008

March is Family Month (unofficially)

Gaah... the week... this dreadfully long week is almost at a close. I've been waking up every morning wishing it was Saturday, or wishing for just another half hour of sleep at the very least. Neither happened. Go figure.

In addition to the aforementioned visit from my niece, it warrants mentioning that both Ted's nieces and nephews have been in Toronto this week and we've spent quite a bit of time with them. This weekend we'll be seeing even more of them, 'cause they'll be staying with us. All four of them, plus Mel. Then on Sunday all but Rachel will be going home. Rachel's Ted's eldest niece. She'll be staying with us until Thursday when we drive up to Timmins for the weekend. Action packed. We've promised to take her to a drag show at one of the gay bars downtown, so that should be fun. hee hee

Tonight Ted and I are steppin' out to a nightclub called "Fly" for their Janet Jackson night. Yup... all Janet, all night. I've been looking forward to it for almost a month now. And no... I'm not one to go to nightclubs. But we went to a Kylie Minogue night in December at the same club and had so much fun, we just couldn't resist an evening of Janet. Never mind the fact that we'll be two of the oldest and fattest people in the club. But screw it. We're there for the music. Not to impress anyone.

In the meantime... I need a nap.

I'd post the lyrics to a Janet song from her new album. But the video for Feedback is infinitely more entertaining than the lyrics to any of her songs. Yes. I said it. And I'm a life-long fan. Anyhoo... enjoy!!!

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Misster Kitty said...

I highly doubt that you'll be the " oldest and fattest people in the club" but on the off chance that someone, some waifish thing, some pre-pubescent thing dare look at you, judging you, feel free to sit on them! ;-) JOKE! Seriously tho, feel free to trip them when they walk by.

Most importantly ENJOY the Janetness of the night!