Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Send a Cand-E-gram

In great haste the other day I made a post linking to the site that I did some voice-work for. After re-reading the post, I thought it best that I delete it and post again at my earliest convenience (which happens to be today), just to be extra careful about how I was representing the site. (Hey - they might want more voice clips right?) Not that I'd said anything bad per say, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing myself a disservice, by posting a picture from their site etc, etc.

To be clear, I'm just the on-line voice of "Kit". I'm not affiliated with the site, or Rogers Publishing... I'm just as much in awe of what a cute/fun site it is as the next person. But if you want to hear my contribution, click on the link above and the little "cassette" icon near the bottom, right hand corner. I'm going to be sending out an e-mail (eventually) encouraging people to send Cand-E-grams. They're cute... and if the site's successful, maybe I'll get more voice-work. I certainly had fun doing it. (and no, that's not my day-to-day "speaking" voice for those who might not know. wink)


Anonymous said...

pretty freaken cook John! Tell me, are you the female voice as well? If so, I'm more impressed than you can ever imagine ;-)

seriously...I LOVE it!


John said...


Nope... I'm not the female voice as well. I met her at the recording session though.

The only female voices I can pull off, are sultry/967 purrs, and old grannies. (I do old grannies pretty good. If I say so m'self.)