Friday, April 13, 2007


Holy moly, what a busy, nasty, demoralizing week at work.

I'm hoping to do a full-fledged blog posting this evening. I feel really... emotionally taxed as of late. So I'm either going to write deep, inwardly insightful things in my blog, or sit and watch an incredibly sad movie just to have a good "waaah". As stupid as that sounds, it seems to be the only way I can let anything out. I'm feeling rather "vacant", and I don't know why. At any rate, I'm sure I'll snap out of it soon, or at least that's the plan.

Until I actually have something valid to talk about... (hopefully later tonight)
the song in my head is by Annie Lennox: "The Saddest Song I've Got".

Darling are you feeling
The same thing that I'm seeing
The troubles of the day
Took my breath away
Took my breath away

Now you're no longer talking
And I'm no longer hearing
There's nothing left to say
Said it anyway
Said it anyway

And I want you
I need you
I'm dying
Cos this is the saddest song I've got
The saddest song I've got

Darling are you healing
From all the scars appearing
Don't it hurt a lot
Don't know how to stop
Don't know how it stops

Now there's no sense in seeing
The colours of the morning
Can't hold the clouds at bay
Chase them all away
Chase them all away

And I'm frozen still
Unspoken still
Remembering something I forgot
Something I forgot


Anonymous said...

Not a useless entry at all! Now I'm reminded that I need to hunt down that Annie Lennox CD amongst my mess of a collection.

John said...

Don't you just love "Bare"? It's such a wonderful album. I love Annie Lennox so much. I'm assuming I'm talking to Jerome again. hah. If not, you've got great taste in music "Anonymous".

Anonymous said...

Oh ... um ... yeah. That was me.

I moved into this house ... 18 months ago, and my CDs are all still spread between boxes, cases, piles, the car, and the school. A little embarassing.


Misster Kitty said...

Bare was highly ignored in my mind... It's a fantastic Disc. I heard there's a new disc to be released soon as well... guess who's gonna get it the day it's released... (other than you two of course!)

Re: your Vacancy post... if I didn't know any better I'd say you were a Pisces... but I know better... HA!