Monday, May 14, 2007

A Cast of Crazies! Who Knew!?

Wow... am I glad I wasn't cheering Dreamz on. (referring to Survivor, yet-again.) What a profoundly vile idiot he turned out to be.

In a nutshell... his promise to God, his "word"... when promising Yau Man immunity (should he win it in the final 4) in exchange for a truck... meant nothing. During the infamous tribal council determining which 3 of the 4 remaining contestants would sit before the jury... Dreamz holds onto the immunity necklace and Yau Man gets sent packing. This; after he made this big, noble pledge for the camera that he was going to set such a good example and win immunity just to purposefully hand it over to Yau Man and do the honourable thing. Yeah... didn't happen. And if you happened to watch the Reunion Special... Dreamz went even further to making me move beyond just "disliking" him to just not wanting to hear another word out of him. As in, "Shut the hell up now"! Even Jeff (the host) was repeatedly frustrated with Dreamz continuous dodging of questions. Mind you, the fact that Dreamz couldn't give a straight answer to any question might be directly related to his grasp of the English language. (or lack thereof) If ever a village was missing it's idiot... Dreamz could move right in. I don't know how he figured anybody would want to give him the million dollar prize after double-talking, back-stabbing and stumbling his way through the entire game. And then to tell an audience that that's how he planned it??? Give me an effin' break mmmkay?? The boy could barely form a coherent sentence. He brought new meaning to the expression: "flying by the seat of your pants". Thank God he didn't win.

And how 'bout that jury session huh? Venomous. I had no idea that a third of the contestants were all stone-cold crazy. They kept it hidden well. I for one, could've lived out the rest of my life happily, never hearing from Lisi or Rocky ever again. ...Gee Lisi... you did all but turn around and ask your fellow jury members if there were indeed "6 zeros" in a million. Nice attempt at making Dreamz look stupid, but sadly you're the bigger monkey of the bunch. And attacking Cassandra over not having the proper footwear? Sit down heifer. Sit down. It's time for the smart people to talk. But wait... no it's not... there's Rocky. And wait... there's Alex... who's mysteriously fuming mad at everyone. I take it, the Survivor boat cruise was an uncomfortable one.
I understand why everyone was mad at Dreamz. Really I do. But I'd really like to know where all the hostility towards Cassandra came from. Truly puzzling. Sometimes the overall editing of the season lacks the proper keys to unlock the mysterious contestant opinions. Although, kudos to the editors for at last having Boo come crashing out of the closet as a flaming.... ....born again Christian. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I still think he's a sizzlin' slab o'meat. But it did shine a little light on why he was largely wanted gone. His posing questions directed at Dreamz under the heading of "as a good Christian... how did you play this game?" (or something similar) was a huge eye opener ...and... it got heated. But I saw nothing wrong with him bringing morality to the table (religious or otherwise) because Dreamz was severely lacking in a sense of right or wrong. It was however, a curious decision to broadcast an entire season of Boo being largely disliked, with no signs of annoying behaviour.

So yeah... Earl won. After all that. Unanimous. 9 votes... all for Earl. Ok. If you guys say so. But truly, after all the drama... Yau Man deserved the prize. I eat my words for wanting him gone. No one has EVER played this game better. And everyone knew it.

But I have to say... dissatisfying finale or not... BEST SEASON EVER!

Now the hard part.... more Survivor til the fall. : (

Oh well... ....Hell's Kitchen is coming back. Me likey. Me likey whole lot!

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Anonymous said...

Not only was Yau-Man a surprisingly good player in general, but he was surprisingly good at a lot of the sporty activities. When he kicked the jock boys' butts in that spear-throwing dealy, I was enjoying it all far too much.