Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Glued to the TV

Went a little nuts at Best Buy Tuesday night and bought no less than 4 seasons of various TV shows on DVD. For starters, we picked-up BBC "Planet Earth"... which is this amazing Discovery Channel style documentary series shot in HD. It's absolutely beautiful. It took 5 years to film and had a 25-million dollar budget. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to really getting into it.

We also bought Season One of both "WKRP in Cincinnati" and "Maude". Both great old shows (especially WKRP, for me, because as loopy/silly as the show is... for the most-part it is a pretty bang-on representation of what radio is like. I've worked with people like the characters on that show.), the latter finally justifying Seth MacFarlane's (whom I totally love deeply and passionately) insistence that Bea Arthur is a man. I can't remember whether it was Family Guy, (link contains Family Guy's take on the Maude theme song) or American Dad, that had a bit about her being a man, but at one point I thought that was an awful thing to say about her. Now, I'm not so sure. Based upon the 4 episodes I've seen so far... she really does seem like a gay man in drag. And that thought never occurred to me throughout however many years the Golden Girls was on TV. At any rate, it's my first time ever watching Maude, and I like it a lot. Bea Arthur is always funny for all the right reasons.

And last but not least... Season 5 of "Everybody Loves Raymond". Another show that Ted and I love. I was chatting online with my eldest sister Cheryl the other day about how much Marie (the character of Raymond's mother) reminds me of our mom... only without the religious fanaticism. Cheryl said I was "terrible"... but she never said I was wrong. hee hee They even look and dress alike for the most part. Scary huh? One definitely commonality between "Shirley" and "Marie" is that they can't be supportive to save their lives, but they do love their children with a fierce and protective love. ...THAT, and their children would rather go to a sadistic Dentist with a migraine than spend time with them.

Well... I thought that was funny even if you think it's mean. ; )

Last night as foretold, we did go to the Keg with Chris. He's absolutely the most lovable nerd you'd ever want to meet. And he's crazy about Crissy and he treats her with such love and respect. Ted and I love him. And on top of all that... he's a huge Star Trek nerd like us. Which completely rocks. Just as a forewarning... I'm planning a Trek blog entry one of these days soon. 'Cause I think the whole franchise has a lot more merit than people give it credit for, and I honestly think it's too bad that there's such a stigma of shame that comes along with being a fan. Anyhow... you've been warned. ha

The song of the day... is the song my iPod played first this morning on my way to work. (simple way to choose huh?) It's a great, great, tender song with a pulsating bass line perfect for knockin' boots yo. Jill Scott...

I Am Not Afraid

I am not afraid to be your baby
I am not afraid to be your whore
I am not afraid to be your future
I am not afraid to be your soil

In which you plant your seed
Flowers, they sprout from me
My fragrance in the breeze
You must nurture me please

I am not afraid to be your baby
I am not afraid to be your strength
I am not afraid to be open wide
I am not afraid to be glutinous

The essence of glue
I will stick to you
Through earthquakes and moods
If ever one thing was true

I am not afraid to wind it wind it
I am not afraid to keep your pace
I am not afraid to create my queendom
I am not afraid to take my place
I am not afraid


Misster Kitty said...

OHMYGAWD! Maude is on DVD?! SHUT UP!

Great! There's more DVDs I gotta get! I LOVED that show! The theme song alone was classic!

And you already know I love WKRP... I had such a crush on Dr Fever and Andy... Jezuz! did they paint Andy's jeans on or what?! (Not that I'm complaining!)

But before I get those... I need to track down... Count Duckula! OH YEA! Vegetarian Vampire Duck!

As for Bea Arthur being a man, I totally see it! Personally I'm also convinced Donna Summers is or was a man as well!

John said...

I remember Count Duckula... His alarm clock anyway. -with a deep transylvanian accent: "8 o'clock... time to get up and vampires to go to sleeeeeeep." hee

And it's a little disturbing now to see just HOW painted-on Andy's jeans were. I wonder whether the poor man ever had kids. Yick. That; and how he had a Texas drawl for the pilot and then spoke with no accent at all by the third episode.

Misster Kitty said...

Kids, schmids. Me likey those pants!

And I still quite cannot figure out my lust for Dr. Fever...