Friday, May 11, 2007

Go Boo!!!

(post started on Friday but finished on Sunday afternoon)

If I make only one post for the whole weekend, let it be this... Survivor Fiji is just quite simply rockin' this season. The finale is this Sunday (tonight) and I can hardly wait.

Last night Stacy got an unexpected boot, 'cause she didn't think to keep her mouth shut during the tribal council, thus tipping off Yau Man
that he'd best lay down his immunity idol to save his own skin. Which he did. What a wily old fella he is. Two steps ahead of everyone whilst the clan scrambles like a buncha boobs.

Right now, I'm inclined to say "Go Boo"! Because in the scheme of things he's an underdog. For some reason he's been painted as a huge annoyance, but it hasn't quite come out in the editing as to "Why?" everyone wants him gone. As one of my co-workers agrees... "Yeah, he (ironically enough) hasn't said "boo" all season." Not to mention, I think Boo is incredibly hot. Like that rough n' tumble, strong-enough-to-break-you-but-he-won't kind of hot. He's really pulling out all the stops in the competitions too. Immunity 2 weeks in a row - hee hee. I like it when the person most favoured to be voted-out by the big-bad alliance throws a monkey wrench at said-alliance forcing them to eat one of their own. Last night, they tried to eat Yau Man and they might have even succeeded had it not been for stupid, stupid, useless Stacy.
I realize that makes it sound like I want Yau Man gone, and I must admit I kinda do. He's just so smug. Not that he hasn't earned the right to be smug. He's undoubtedly the most clever Survivor contestant EVER. Last night he took BLATANT advantage of Dreamz desire to win a car (and Dreamz penchant for "do first, think later") by trading the truck he'd just won to Dreamz in exchange for immunity should Dreamz win it in the final four. I guess Yau Man is counting on Boo being gone and Dreamz being the strongest player by then. Yet another reason why I hope Boo has another monkey-wrench hidden somewhere on his person. (His incredibly sexy person.) For that, I think Yau Man will pay for his loyalty to Earl who also got his hands on an immunity idol last night. You think Earl's gonna give that up to save Yau??? I don't. Yau Man is now idol-less and vulnerable. I (boldly and perhaps stupidly) predict the Core-4 alliance is about to crumble and Earl is going to look like a weasel. I'm not saying he is a weasel... but this is a game, and if he's smart, Earl won't give up immunity. My take on Earl is that he's felt in control and in-the-know for most of the game simply by aligning himself with Yau Man, but hasn't really done anything note-worthy on his own. I don't feel he deserves to win. But that's just my opinion.
Dreamz and Cassandra... well I don't think either of them stands a chance. Dreamz has played double-crosser a few too many times and although he seems to have some kind of plan that he's not able to articulate, he's just a shot in the dark for the million. I've got to say that even though I think he's the village idiot... a million dollars would change his life and the lives of his family, so I'd be happy-enough if he did win.
Cassandra... not a strong contender in my book. She's been a coat-tail rider and basically she just sits on her thumbs during the challenges and waits for everyone else to finish. I will say this though... she's proven that she's observant and insightful and she's obviously well-liked. I like her too. Unless someone decides to take her to the final four though, her lack of physical-effort will eliminate her in any challenge of strength or stamina.

In just a few hours, the most exciting season of Survivor yet will be concluding. Sadly this post is going to look a little stupid/irrelevant goin' online now. But oh well. Let the games begin!

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