Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Largely Ricky Martin

Yay - Ted got to meet Ricky Martin!

Strangely enough, I think I'm more excited about it than him. He did have a great time though. 'Came home with a tour book and 40 or more pictures of the concert. To your left is Ted, Ricky and Tammy (in her brand, spankin' new purple leather jacket as mentioned earlier.)

And apparently, Ricky smells delightfully of "Vanilla Musk", so says Tam. Ted didn't get close enough to catch a whiff.

Incidentally, Ted also commented that Ricky didn't set off his gaydar one iota while he watched him interact with the people backstage. Ted's got pretty good gaydar too... so maybe Ricky's not the closet-dweller the media has made him out to be. Maybe he's just enlightened and evolved enough to say his sexuality is none of anyone's business even though he's heterosexual? Or maybe all of his experience has taught him how to keep it all hidden well. Who knows? Truly, I do believe that everyone's sexuality is their own business. Just because celebrities are in the public eye, doesn't entitle anyone to knowledge of their personal lives.

There's no arguing just how beautiful he is. And I think it's pretty giddy-sweet that we've got pictures of him on our camera. A little surreal even. I was secretly disappointed that he wasn't rockin' the leather pants. C'mon, that's his calling card... wouldn't you say??

And I'm not even a full-blown fan. (nor is Ted to be truthful. Ted's just always found him extremely attractive.) We have 3 of his CD's, one of which is a greatest hits, but I was almost an anti-fan because of his dreadfully boring role on General Hospital as "Miguel". That also had a lot to do with his long curly hair though.

Ahh well... a good time was had by all. While Ted and Tammy were at the concert, I took the dogs for a super-long walk, and added another 100 songs to my iPod when I got home. For me, that's a nice, relaxing evening.

Tonight, we chill. 'Cause the rest of the week is fulla' plans. Tomorrow night, Chris, Ted's sister Crissy's bf is in town from Timmins. So we're going to the Keg with him. (Crissy and Chris... yes I know. Isn't it cute??) It's his favourite restaurant and they don't have a Keg in Timmins, so he hits one every time he's in Southern Ontario. Eventually, we're hoping to introduce him to some other restaurants of interest. But we're certainly not anti-steak.

Thursday night is Survivor of course, so Tammy will be over. It's getting down to the wire, and with Mookie gone and Alex being an obvious swing vote next week things could get yet-more-ugly. I'm predicting right now that Dreamz or Alex himself will be going home. We'll see though.

Friday night, our friends Arran, Alessandro and Christian are coming over for a barbecue and probably games or a movie. So we're looking forward to that too. We haven't seen them since the "Super Bowel Party". It should be fun.

Anyhoo... on that note. I sign off. Now to pick a favourite Ricky Martin track... (just to be thematic) hmmm.... wow... this is tougher than I thought. I guess I'd have to pick the song he did and then re-did with Christina Aguilera (woo... I actually spelled her name correctly without checking first.) "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely". Not exactly the best song in the world, but I enjoyed it. Blah... Blogger's going to pull the ol' spacing issues thing on me today. It's not worth it for these particular lyrics. So yeah... technical difficulties. But I do really like that song. Their voices sound very good together.



Misster Kitty said...

Great Pics.

I was speaking to one of my clients today in Markham, she went to the concert last night and went on and on and on... She said 'Ouuuuu, he's a real people pleaser... a real lady pleaser...' I cut in and added... "Oh I'm sure he was pleasing some of the boys in the auidence too!" She giggled, as only a girl named Fatima could giggle, and then went on and on and on some more...

Re: RM gay or straight... I'm sorry but 'Ricky smells delightfully of "Vanilla Musk".', says it all.


John said...

Touche Kitty. Touche!

...but a love of all things vanilla scented does not a homosexual, make.

tee hee

N@ Lauzon said...

Y'gotta admit though, whatever way the pee pee swingeth, he's hawt.

OMG John, listen. AGES ago when I moved to university, Dave used to send me cd's from the station. One of them that came in the mail was a Ricky Martin one, and YOU SIGNED IT! You wrote on it..something like, "Hope to see you soon, Nat" or something like that. HAH! I still have it!!

John said...

Wow. I have no recollection of that whatsoever. An example of how I used to lose time while living in Timmins. I still have some crazy shyte of you and I laughin' and having a hoot in the studio on a cassette tape somewhere. Good times.

Misster Kitty said...

I just Googled 'vanilla musk'.

...lets just say, it heavily strengthens the prosecution's (read: my) case. ;-)


And yes N@... he is grade 'A' Eye-Candy. (a little facial and chest hair IMHO would put him into Grade 'AAA')

Jerome said...

I have nothing to contribute, but didn't want to feel left out of the whole comment-section conversation.

Cor said...

Didn't he already come out? So says Perez Hilton. I could have sworn I saw that.

John said...

Perez Hilton is one step beneath the National Enquirer in my book. I don't trust any sensationalist gossip til I hear it on ET. Or from several unassociated sources at the very least.

ian said...

My closest (read: only) brush with fame: ian and smitty ... saw him in concert for my birthday in 2003 in Vegas. Put on a good show. He's scrawny in person.

Of course, I'd make Shamu look scrawny...