Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I'm irked.

My station (meaning the one I work for) gave away a prize package this morning that includes a full weekend rental of an H2 Hummer. These behemoth, gas-guzzling, strictly-for-status, vomit-inducing lumps of metal should be banned. They are not cool. They are not practical. They are not sexy. They serve no purpose. We should not be including them in any sort of prize package to further glamorize them in any way, shape or form.

I know I sound like an alarmist, tree-hugging, environmental crazy person at times, but it blows my mind that people as a species don't see environmentalism as an essential part of our being. Yes, we're years away from the point of no return, but for God's sake "how close" to oblivion to we have to get?? How small can our thinking be, that our singular existence entitles us to just consume whatever we want by whatever means necessary and leave the smoldering remains for our descendants to clean up? I don't even have kids; don't even want kids; and it disturbs me how very little people care. How littered our streets are. How polluted our air and water are. How crazy the weather has become, and how it gets increasingly worse.

Perhaps we get what we deserve, when we allow our home (meaning our planet) to deteriorate. The longer I live the more I become convinced that the human race is an epidemic disease, rather than the dominant species we think ourselves to be. Our dominance doesn't make us superior... of that I'm certain.

Sorry for the "heavy". The whole "H2 Prize Pack" just really set me off. This festering disdain for our society just bubbles over sometimes, and I'm demonstrating restraint by ending here. I think it's time to look at the "hottie on the horse" again, and wish I were that horse for any number of reasons.

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