Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Citrus Shoes and Randy Moose

I just remembered something I didn't want to forget. (How convenient huh?) Our trip home yesterday came with the usual, beautiful Ontario landscape, but two billboards we drove past caused me some rubbernecking and giggles. (Being in the advertising business myself, I do try to take note of really clever media when I see it.) The first was for XM Satellite Radio, just north of Barrie with life-sized (yeah, HUGE) 3-D moose clamouring up the board to get to the logo. I didn't even have time to read what the ad said, or if it said anything at all. But it looked so real, and was so well done I couldn't help but remember the brand at the very least. What can I say; when driving up north you're on the constant lookout for moose (so as not to hit one and die) so to see them looking genuinely life-like in the process of (mounting???) climbing a billboard on both sides was very funny.
The second billboard was on the 400 just before you reach the 401 interchange and it wasn't quite as visually captivating, but it was cheeky/cute and made me giggle. It was for one of the new Fresca flavours, and it just had a product picture with the slogan: "it's like Angels dancing on your tongue in citrus shoes". Silly, yeah. I guess you have to see it.

9 hours in a car has a fancy way of making you seek out entertainment where no entertainment exists. That's my only defense.


ian said...

Best billboard I've ever seen was for a Hooters here in L.A. that was obviously advertising their chicken wings (suuuure they were).

"Only a Rooster Gets a Better Piece of Chicken"

After my wife's initial "OH EMM JEE" moment, we were in hysterics for the rest of our drive...

... to church.

We had to pass that billboard for a few months while driving to church, since our route to the mega-church took us on a freeway we weren't otherwise driving on on a daily basis.

Every time we saw it, we'd have a good laugh about it. Every time I pass that billboard and see something else on it, I feel strangely disappointed.

KingBushwicktheToityToid said...

Aaawww!!My Wife's Brother in Law had a beagle just like yours!!
He got sick last summer and they had to put him to sleep.
We still miss him!!
Hope your dogs live a long and happy life!!

John said...

Thanks. :)