Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hot Enough to Make Garbage Question the Meaning of Life

I seriously considered writing a post about the recent re-designation of the 7 Wonders of the World. But as intregued as I am by that, I really can't add anything noteworthy, equalling to more than just a big, enthusiastic "COOL". Although, I happen to think Angel Falls is more "wonderous" than the Eiffel Tower, but there are many different categories. Mind you, in the "man-made" category, I happen to think the CN Tower is more wonderous than it's French cousin as well. But let's not get too fixated on the wonderous-ness-isms of the world's bigger phallic symbols, shall we?

Today is a hot day. Like a noteworthy, 40-m'er-f'ing degrees with the humidity, hot. Much like yesterday. A day when road crews were dispatched to remedy the 401, that was buckling in places from the heat. I do not like this type of heat. I do not like this type of heat one bit. Y'know when you go on vacation to a hot destination and you're lazing about in as little clothing is possible, watching the residents of said hot destination go about their normal lives 'cause they actually live there... ...and you think to yourself "this is a beautiful place, but God, I'd hate to have to work here under these conditions, unless I was like a dolphin trainer or a stripper... or both. Well, yeah... I'm neither. I'm fully clothed. My commute is burdened by the stench of hygenically-challenged people, and up until this morning (garbage day - thank God) every walk through our building's parking lot was met with the salutation of super-heated garbage on the verge of an evolutionary step towards sentience. It's just another reason for me to fight global warming in any way I can. 'Cause if Canada becomes a tropical paradise... I might just have to become a cave dweller.

Speaking of fighting global warming though. I've become a special kind of nuisance at work. hee hee... I'm constantly wandering about, turning off light switches in rooms that people aren't using. I don't really know "why" this agitates people so, but it does. In my own defense, I don't turn off lights when someone steps out for a second or anything, but nonetheless, people bitch at the fact that I've turned off the lights in the kitchen, and news room. (the latter room is only in use 4 hours a day!!) I also strike the voicing booths, the announcer lounge, the board rooms and engineering. There are no environmentally friendly bulbs in this joint and evidently it's too expensive for us to convert right now. I asked. But in the meantime, you do what you can. Let me also clerify that this isn't a bandwagon I've suddenly jumped on per say. I've always been a "light switch flicker-offer". You could say, the time to "step it up" has come. One of the producers and I have almost gone paperless too, in the way that we interact. It's cut back on a lot of paper I'm sure. E-mail and file-sharing folders are king. The moral of the story: turn the lights off be-otch... and wear deodorant. (I know, it's unrelated but anytime I can fit that in, I most certainly will.)

Summer song of the day: "Summertime" (the UFO mix) by Sarah Vaughan as found on Verve Remixed Volume One. (The original recording is some sweet classic jazz too.)

It's summertime
And livin' is easy
fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high,

oh Your daddy's rich
And your mama's good lookin'
So hush, hush little baby
Don't, don't you cry

One of these mornings
Oh, you're gonna rise up singin'
You gonna spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

But til that morning, yeah
Ain't nothing gonna harm you
So hush, so hush little baby
Now don't, don't you cry,

One of these mornings
One of these mornings
You're gonna rise up singin'
You're gonna spread your wings
And you'll take to the sky

Oh, but til that morning,
Ain't nothing can gon' harm you
With your daddy and mammy
Daddy and mammy, daddy and mammy standing by

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