Friday, July 13, 2007

The Movie Soundtrack of Your Life (as dictated by iTunes)

Hey! Turns out I love Music Memes! Watch for more of these eventually. Try it for yourself and let me know what you come up with.

Have a good weekend!

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you’re cool

Opening Credits: "Bambi" by Prince (who knew my life was about wooing lesbians!?)
First Day At School: "Paul McCartney" by Scissor Sisters (I can see it, in a "kids with ADD, kinda way.)
Falling In Love: "The Very Thought of You" by Natalie Cole (Awww, that's nice.)
Fight Song: "Breathe" by Faith Hill (not so appropriate, maybe "stop fighting, and just "breathe".)
Prom: "Cup of Life" by Ricky Martin (hmmmmmmm)
Life's OK: "Mama I'm Strange" by Melissa Etheridge (HAH! That's awesome!)
Mental Breakdown: "Better Be Good to Me" by Tina Turner (Not what I'd have chosen, but ok.)
Driving: "Down" by Amel Larrieux (maybe driving downtown, in the rain at night)
Flashback: "I Feel For You" by Prince (Had this been Chaka Khan's version... most definitely.)
Getting Back Together: "Satellite" by Natalie Imbruglia (aww! sweet song)
Wedding: "Here Comes the Rain Again" by Eurythmics (I don't think so. although... it's good luck, right?)
Birth of Child: "Like a Virgin" (live Confessions Tour) by Madonna ('kay that makes sense. a child would bring about a total transformation in my life.)
Final Battle: "He Can Only Hold Her" by Amy Winehouse (did I mention this was a Bridget Jone's Diary, "final battle"??)
Death Scene: "Answer" by Sarah McLachlan (heavy stuff)
Funeral Song: "Anna Rebecca" by Jann Arden (well, it's a "good bye" for sure, just a different kind)
End Credits: "Lookin' for a New Love 2005 rocasound mix" by Jody Watley (there must be a sequel already planned. hee hee)

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