Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Day I Had Nothing to Say (I think not.)

There's always something to write about isn't there? At times I'll be somewhere with no access to pen and paper let-alone a computer and struck by things I want to write down and express fully. Y'know thoughts I feel are really worthy of remembering because it's something I feel very passionate about, or found really funny, or think is really clever...

...And then there are the days when I plop my ass down in front of my computer, and all I can do is gripe about the way some woman smells on the subway... or like today... have nothing to say at all.

Ok... that's a lie... I never have absolutely "nothing" to say. I'm a little too verbose and opinionated to declare that with any kind of conviction. There are days however, when nothing I have to say feels like it'd be a very good thing to share. I guess this is one of those days.

I sit here now, thankful my day is drawing to a close with me doing something I enjoy after a day of not-so-enjoyable truths and circumstances.

For example... I thought my day was getting off to a reeeeeally bad start when Porthos doddled around outside this morning and would not poop to save his life (or my schedule). I yelled at him in the elevator and gave him a couple of smacks in anger. Which is really awful when I think about it. He's a dog. He obviously just didn't have to go. But all I could think was "oh you stupid animal! I've got to go to work and I won't be home for 9 hours, and now I can look forward to cleaning up a mess on the floor because you won't be able to hold it that long."
*grump grump grump* *grumble* *grumble* *stomp* *stomp*
Yeah... well... I got to work and talked to a friend on the phone who's in danger of being evicted from his apartment because he hasn't paid his rent in 2 months. He had an emotional breakdown two nights ago, and has one week to come up with over 2000 dollars. And that's something I can't even help him with. I wish I could, but I just don't have that kind of money.

By comparison, my life is not that bad. Not that I didn't have additional stress come at me quite steadily all day, but still... I've got a place to come home to when my day of unrealistic demands, and impossibly negative, bickering co-workers, comes to an end. And it's paid for. And I'm grateful.

It's strange how all the talk of financial crisis and economic downturn has finally started to affect me in ways I didn't think it would. I've got sales reps clambering for any business they can get their hands on and obsessing over every minute detail, because business has dropped-off considerably. And they're obsessing over current clients they don't want to lose, and those clients are stressing about lost business, and of course it's "because their advertising doesn't work anymore", and not because people might put off buying a new car, or having plastic surgery, or laser hair removal, or may even rethink going out to a ridiculous bar to pay 20-dollars to get in, and 10 dollars per drink to enjoy themselves.

I know it's tough. Seriously, I sympathize, 'cause it's going to get tougher for us too as a business, but at some point you have to take a step back, and look at the blinking, shining, oozing mess of EXCESS that modern civilization has come to expect as a norm and a right-of-passage... ...and say "yeah... it had to end some time didn't it"?

You can try to sell all the crap and luxuries you want, but as a matter of self-preservation, "many" people (with more modest incomes, or spiraling credit card debt) WILL come to the realization that there are crucial priorities to ensure for yourself and your loved ones. Priorities a tad stronger than trading in your perfectly reliable 2 year old car for a new one just because your lease is up and you like the smell of new plastic and leather.

At any rate, I'm expected to come up with brilliant new ways to shovel snow in the Arctic when really... these businesses have to "wait it out", or "find something else to sell that consumers need - not want".

Sorry, I hate being preachy... even though I won't shut-up about it beyond my apology. Going to work lately feels like watching people drown.

Don't let me paint a pious picture by any means. I'm not immune to the credit-consumer-disease. I'm extremely grateful I still get by and pay my bills on time. Likewise, I'm starting to realize the threat of the economy on my own job. We're not untouchable. Media companies are suffering all over Canada, and it's not like we're a ratings giant. At the very least, this may well be the event that crushes our music format. I'm not privy to that information, but the possibility is there. Better the format to disappear than our jobs though. Of this much I'm certain. And I don't work for stupid people, so I'm sure it's crossed their minds too.

Funny how I sat down thinking I had nothing to say, isn't it?

Time for more Oz. Which is getting a little dull sadly. The characters are like Kleenex. They're running out of ways to kill everyone. Another shank - Another day. And I've still got 18 episodes to go before the series finale.

Song of the day... (yes, I really do like this song - even though it's strategically posted for ironic purposes given the topic of my post. It's a very catchy hip hop dittay!) ...

PS... Porthos was really good. No mess to clean up when I got home. That much I didn't deserve after being so angry with him this morning. My reward should be someone standing over me while I sit on a public toilet... camera pointed at me saying "go on... poop" "and make it quick, I've missed four subway trains".

9th Ward - Add Me Up

I got my Gucci shade on with my Gucci tennis shoes
I can hear nigga's whisperin' that that look Gucci do
I say yeah this me (uh huh,) who else it gon' be
Quarter mil', add me up, from my head to my feet
Thousands on my shoes, thousands on my pants (uh huh)
Same thing goes for the guap in my hand (come on)
Bling bling on my wrist, bling bling on my neck (uh, uh, uh)
Showin' 'em my teeth, yes nigga I'mma flex
Now people be like damn, what he gon' do next
I know one thing I ain't gon' do and that's god damn stress (yeah)
Got my goons on my side, got them two's on deck
Like 3-6 mafia I'm dope boy fresh (uh)

I think I want to buy that there (add me up)
But I know I'm gon' buy this here (add me up)
I think I need the one with the ice (add me up)
But the gold one looks so right (add me up)
I think I want to buy that there (add me up)
But I know I'm gon' buy this here (add me up)
I think I need the one with the ice (add me up)
But the gold one looks so right (add me up)

D-Boy swagger, see your status (hey)
See me on that block, tool on my bladder (alright)
Ho's know my face, niggas know my name
My bank grown up, now they wanna see me change (nah)
Keep it real, I'm a keep gettin' dollars (hey)
Keep it throw-away, buy a couple more Impala's
Either way I talk I'll be swear I got shorty
That thing on that showroom floor, I bought it
Ho's lookin' at me, like I owe 'em somethin'
I just bought a few things (oh nigga stop stuntin')
What you mean Gu, I ain't doin' nothin' new (nah)
I been gettin' money (rarr rarr rarr)

I think I want to buy that there (add me up)
But I know I'm gon' buy this here (add me up)
I think I need the one with the ice (add me up)
But the gold one looks so right (add me up)

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