Thursday, March 05, 2009

Smucked in the Nose

Well... the intention was there. Sadly, the timing was completely off. 'Didn't get to see "Poopie Pants" the movie, because it was overbooked. --No seats left when we got there-- Who knew??

Thus I have no recommendations, whether or not you should see it, 'cause I didn't. And... truthfully, I likely won't now. ...well, maybe when it hits DVD.

Instead I spent the evening drinking... and (as I usually do with alcohol) ...spiraling. Some friends are not good for the soul, the esteem or one's well-being. You can learn this lesson again, and again, and again... but in the end, sometimes even the superficial is preferential to being alone.

...Not to say it's better for you... but preferential none-the-less.

I am far too sensitive. This I know. This I know.

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