Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Taxing

I am procrastinating.

My taxes need to be done, and I don't wanna.

Truthfully, I've never done my own taxes before, and although I bought a "QuickTax" program, I'm dreading the process. I don't like numbers. They frighten me.

And this is with the knowledge that I'll be getting a return on my taxes. Probably larger than I have in a long time because of my TTC pass rebate. My irrational fear of numbers is rooted in ridiculing high-school math teachers. Meaning teachers that ridiculed me... ...not the other way around. One teacher in particular anyhow. I can't even remember his name. I blocked it due to trauma.

Math and I have a long history as enemies. But we "used" to be friends. Or at least amiable. I remember the exact time I felt the sting of math's betrayal. Throughout grade school, I was an all-A student. I did well in absolutely every subject. So when it came time to enrol in high school courses, of course I chose "advanced" in everything. It was the next logical step, right? Math said "not so". For it was in my Grade 9 advanced math class that I discovered... I didn't know diddly. I struggled for an entire semester to learn the secret language of numbers... but for the most-part I only learned the equivalent of how to ask the whereabouts of the bathroom in the twisted, sadistic land of numbers. My final grade was 75% that year... ...a "B". And it only got worse. Grade 10 advanced math had teeth like small, sharp daggers. I didn't understand my homework..., I stopped doing it, because I was getting the majority of it wrong. My final grade that semester: a lowly 60%.... a ...."C". I was mortified and defeated.

By grade 11, I had lost all hope of mastering even the basics of math. I enrolled in the advanced class, and lasted less than 2 weeks. Our first test was "a review" of the previous year and I scored 10%. Knowing full-well, I was only going to be dragged behind the bumper of the math bus, I dropped the course and didn't take any more at any skill level.

That in essence, is what kept me out of university. (I originally wanted to become a teacher.)

It's tragic to think of the minds I could've twisted by now. Hee hee

Anyhoo... don't know how I was quite-so-inspired to write an entry about "math" of all things. Sometimes you just don't know what'll come spewing out of your brain.

It's certainly time I could have spent doing my taxes, isn't it now?

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