Friday, March 13, 2009

Harpy Birthday to Shrew

Hmmm.... one of my coworkers just said to me: "Oh John you're always making me laugh, you should have your own blog."

Is that what this is supposed to be for? If it is, I'm admittedly doing a very poor job of being funny lately.

Incidentally, she overheard me say to no one in particular (with reference to a song we were playing on-air) "This song is sooooooooo shitty.... so shitty it sounds brown."

Whatta ya think? Does that make me worthy of writing my very own blog? (which I didn't tell her about) I don't think it was that funny.

I dunno, if I was being judged on it, I would've spruced it up... y'know... like "this song is so shitty... so shitty I can hear the kernels of corn begging for freedom." That's asking a lot of imagery of it's audience though, isn't it?

And no, it's not always about poo with me. It's just more amusing when it is.

In a topic totally unrelated to poo. This movie is REALLY, REALLY GREAT! "Rachel Getting Married" for those of you disinclined to clicky on m'a linky. It's one of those films that will have you feeling a) thankful for your own family or b) wondering how they managed to film your family without you knowing about it. DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION, what's your function? Loved it. But be forewarned, it's NOT a feel-good film whether or not you can identify with any of the mental-patient nuclear family hyjinx contained therein. I saw bits and pieces of my sisters and most certainly my mom in a great deal of the female lead characters, but certainly not to the extremes they were taken for the plot of this movie. The similarities were present though. No doubt about it.

In a topic not completely unrelated to dysfunctional families... today is my mom's birthday.

Oh... and before I forget, I just saw "Religulous" for the second time. (& LoVeD it even more the second time) If you haven't seen it, you should. "Required Viewing" for a very fucked-up world in my opinion.


Misster Kitty said...

Dude I always knew you was a gas... but referring to your momma as 'the shrew', well, I love you more today than ever before.

...and that's not the green beer talking, cause homo don't play that game.

John said...

Hah, and this is the edited post. I felt the actual "singing" of "harpy birthday to shrew" was a little on the mean-n-disrespectful side, so I took it out. ;)

'Hope ya had a harpy sant patty's day lad!

Misster Kitty said...

Actually the Big St Paddy's festivities are this weekend.... with the padade on Sunday (the longest and oldest St Paddys parade outside of Ireland actually!)

For the record I'd sing the Happy Birthday to Shrew with you if you wanted a really BAD 2-part harMOANy....