Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Things Happen

My friend who was in danger of eviction, is now in the clear. I couldn't be more relieved for him.

And I got to sleep in til 10am this morning! *yawn, stretch, sigh* This is particularly wonderful because I went to sleep at about 11pm last night.

I dreamed about Ted quite a bit, because he was on my mind a lot this weekend. I don't remember all of the details, but I know we argued, and then we were getting along really well.
There was also a sexual element to the dream, involving me and some guy I met working in the garden centre of a hardware store, which I won't detail.... 'cuz I'm classay like dat. But the dream ended with me tending this huge front-yard flower garden that I knew wasn't mine. And "no", it wasn't the garden of the strange man from the hardware store or if it was, I wasn't aware that it was.

Dreams... ...they're like an inflatable "jumpy castle" for your brain.


Jerome said...

I'm very impressed with the influx of postings lately. Thought you should know.

John said...

Ahh yes. But now to allow Facebook back into my life. Will I find the balance? Or will I remain in the deep end, where I jumped tonight?

I'm a creature of very singular focus. *sigh*