Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Home is Where You Fart Most

I have the day off tomorrow (today) to spend with someone I adore.

"Happy" is such a wonderful feeling when it's at it's most anticipated. *grin*

Since it's 1am... and I really do want to go to bed to be rested for tomorrow, I'm just going to post a few pictures of me and the boys and apartment stuff.

First: a very recent picture of me and P-Dawg. Yes, I'm sporting a beard now. Though it's truly more work than I ever bargained for, and yielding less-than-satisfactory results. Porthos... ...or Pork-ohs (baby dog needs to shed a stone) (just like papa) if I may be allowed to boast for a moment, is THE most loving and sensitive of dogs I've ever had my entire life. I could not love him more.

And then, proving "salt and pepper" is the new "black", the ever-handsome gangsta beagle, Cole. My sweet little princess is starting to show his age, but he's still spry and lean and has a coat that'd make a mink say "DAYUMN". Not bad for a gentlemen of 80 years of age (that's 12 calendar years this summer) . It's a little bit harder to get him to pose for pictures these days. He's grown weary of the paparazzi, or rather, just privy to the flash. It annoys him, so a lot of shots are of him walking away, turning his head or closing his eyes. Oh that clever hound.

And, now just to show y'all that I'm actually setting-up house. There are still boxes unpacked and much crap "undealt"-with (***note the conspicuous lack of any bedroom shots, and not because I fear the widespread knowledge of my porn HQ.) but I'm starting to really get things arranged the way I want them, and the plants are thriving and looking good. It feels more like home. Anyhow, just pictures to play us through the credits. No song lyrics today 'cause I'm going to fall-the-"eff"-down from exhaustion.


Misster Kitty said...

1) the dogs are EFFING CUTES!
2) Ditti to their Doggie Daddy
3) I see you're addicted to chilis ... YUM
and finally (and a grave concern here I might add)...
4) you have a TIKI TORCH IN THE HOUSE?!?!?!

Oh yea and
5) Enjoy the day! :-)

John said...

Thank you sweetie!

Yeah, chili peppers is kinda my kitchen theme. I even had 2 ornamental pepper plants, but they died. I read they're next to impossible to keep alive for more than one season of growth. I found this upsetting, 'cause I don't like it when any plants die in my care.

And do not give your grave concern any additional thought. Please note the wick of the Tiki Torch is virginal white, and the barrel has never seen a drop of oil. It's merely there to prop-up a very top-heavy plant in a stylish way.
FLARE! *snap* *snap* *jazz hands*

Misster Kitty said...

Jazz Hands!

Jerome said...

I believe I am contractually obliged to hate anyone whose home looks infinitely more "put together" in a matter of months than the place I've lived for three and a half years.

Wait. Nix that. I can't hate that many people.

John said...

If I took a picture of "Madam Trash Heap" in the bedroom and posted it, would that make you feel better, and more-importantly not hate me? ;)